Monitoring Made Easy: A Look at Zabbix

Patrick Daether

Patrick Daether

March 08, 2024 · 4 min read

When it comes to professionally managing servers, having a solid monitoring solution is essential. Especially in high-performance or high-traffic environments, having an overview of all vital metrics is crucial.

In the realm of IT management, there's no shortage of open source monitoring tools. From Nagios to Icinga to Prometheus/Grafana - the list of open-source options is long and sometimes overwhelming. So, the question arises: Why should you opt for Zabbix?

Choosing the Right Monitoring Tool

Before diving into the depths of Zabbix, it's worth to take a glance at the landscape of monitoring tools. Each has its own merits and specialties, whether it's the flexibility of Nagios or the simplicity of Prometheus. So, why Zabbix?

Zabbix: An Introduction

Zabbix is a comprehensive open-source solution for monitoring networks, servers, applications, and services. At its core lies the Zabbix server, which collects, analyzes, and stores monitoring data. But that's just the beginning.

A crucial part of the Zabbix ecosystem is the Zabbix agents, installed on the devices to be monitored. These agents gather data locally and then transmit it to the Zabbix Server. This can happen ins a active or passive way.
Thanks to this architecture, Zabbix can monitor an impressive array of information, from CPU usage to network traffic.

Zabbix Setup.

While Zabbix can also collect agent-less data, for example, via SNMP/IPMI, SSH, or simply HTTP(s), due to its simplicity and greater capabilities, I would always prefer to use an agent.

And to visualize and analyze all this data, there's the PHP web interface of Zabbix, providing a user-friendly interface to create dashboards, configure alerts, and generate reports.

Zabbix Dashboard.

Zabbix Trigger

Another powerful feature of Zabbix is its triggers. These allow for triggering alarms based on defined conditions. Once a trigger is activated, Zabbix can send notifications through various channels, including emails, SMS, Slack messages, and more.

But that's not all: Zabbix also provides the ability to perform actions directly on the monitored servers. Via SSH Zabbix can, for example, automatically restart services or take other actions to resolve issues immediately. These actions can also be combined to enable complex responses to specific events. This gives Zabbix even greater flexibility and effectiveness in monitoring and managing your IT infrastructure.

Zabbix Proxy

Another ace up Zabbix's sleeve is the Zabbix Proxy. This clever tool acts as an intermediary between the Zabbix Agents and the Zabbix Server, offering a range of advantages. For one, the proxy can help reduce the load on the Zabbix Server by buffering and aggregating data locally before sending it to the server. This improves scalability and performance, especially in environments with distributed networks or large infrastructures. Additionally, the proxy enables monitoring of networks and devices in isolated environments where direct access to the Zabbix Server may not be possible. With all these capabilities, the Zabbix Proxy proves to be an extremely useful tool for effectively and efficiently monitoring your IT infrastructure.

Impressive Features

What truly sets Zabbix apart are its extensive features. Take, for example, Service Level Agreement (SLA) monitoring. With Zabbix, you can set and monitor SLAs for services to ensure compliance with agreed-upon performance targets. This is crucial for businesses needing to maintain high availability and reliability of their services.

SLA Availability Report.

But that's not all. Zabbix also offers features such as automatic network and device discovery, flexible alerting options, powerful data visualization capabilities, and much more.


Zabbix is undoubtedly an impressive tool for monitoring IT infrastructure. With its scalable architecture, extensive features, and user-friendliness, it's the perfect choice for businesses of any size. If you're looking for a reliable, powerful, and versatile monitoring solution, then Zabbix is definitely worth a closer look.

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